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it’s been a while since my last follow forever so here i am :) the reason i’m doing it now though is because i recently hit 20k followers(!!) which is unbelievable and i want to thank every one of you for following me! some of you on here i have recently followed, and some i have followed for such a long time.. it was really hard to not put everyone i follow in here because i love you all but these below are my absolute favourites :))




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September 20   +55

“I always wanted to be a performer, but discipline was something I needed help with, and I got that through wrestling and football. Through sports, I learned how to work my ass off and how to take advice and say “I don’t know” when I don’t know and to ask questions and be confident. It all came from sports and from my coaches. Gary Cease, he was a wrestling coach and he told me that I was creative and that was a cool thing. He could’ve called me weird, but he didn’t. My dad coached me, and when he wasn’t a coach, he was there leaning on a fence at the practices. I learned more from sports about how to handle myself in Hollywood than I ever did doing plays.”

September 19   +1919

Aziz Ansari photograohed by Katherine Wolkoff, 2011

September 19   +9633